Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Newsflash: Cleopatra and Paris Hilton Both Love Their Rich Daddies!

Okay, the title pretty much explains it. Cleopatra wouldn't be in power if it wouldn't have been for her daddy. You know, her dad was one of those people who just knew the right people and went to the right parties. And it payed off for not only him, but his whole family, particularly Cleopatra. The Cleopatra that is in this blog and that you probably think of is actually Cleopatra VII. Her dad is Ptolemy XII, who is not really Egyptian. Can you believe it? Cleopatra is NOT Egyptian. Isn't that weird!? She is actually a decedent of Alexander the Great. So I guess great power runs in the family. But anyway, she didn't have to work to be famous or a Pharaoh. Her father killed a few people, and twisted his way into the right spot. So BAM(!), she got rich, famous, and powerful, all thanks to her daddy. But becoming powerful wasn't easy. When she was 18, to gain power, she had to marry her 10 year-old brother, Ptolemy XIII. Talk about your big age difference! Together they ruled for 4 years. But Cleopatra wanted ultimate power. And her brother's advisers were planning to kill Cleopatra. They saw her as a threat to Ptolemy XIII. She caught a whiff of this plan and freaked out. So she did what any girl in a situation would do, she murdered him. Duh! Why not? But her plan wasn't too successful. She was now 22, and she had to marry her 10 year-old brother Ptolemy XIV. Even bigger age difference now. You could say she needed a new lucky star. But she wasn't content with that. NO! So, she had him poisoned. Later in life, she ruled Egypt and Rome with both Caesar and Antony.

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  1. That was REALLY good! I liked the information in that blog a lot. I didn't know that she had to marry with the age difference of 8 and 12 years apart! And I totally think that it's weird that she had to marry her brother... CREEPY! Plus she killed them both! No matter how much I hate my brother at times I never thought about killing him! I really couldn't find anything in that blog that I disliked. AMAZING! lol. Good job.