Monday, December 15, 2008

Death By Chocolate (or not)

The air is still, it seems as if the whole world has stopped spinning to mourn the death of a great queen. Nearby lay two dieing servants and a dead man, the woman's second and last love. An asp slithers away into the darkness. One of the servants adjusts the dead Pharaoh's crown with her last breath. The other whispers "It is well done indeed and fitting for a princess descended of so many royal kings."A note lays on a nearby table addressed to Octavian. Who is this Pharaoh? How did it all happen? Well, this scene is how the death of Cleopatra may have happened. But nobody knows how it really happened. "How could nobody know how she died?" you ask, "She was famous! She was probably swarmed with paparazzi. There is no way nobody knows what happened." Well, first of all, there was no paparazzi. Second, Cleopatra kept the plan from everyone except for a chosen few. And everyone who knew about this was killed promptly after the queen. Well, I didn't tell you how she died, so here goes:
Cleopatra's love stories are all really tragic. And this is no exception. Antony was told that Cleopatra had been killed by this enemy Octavian (they were in war, it wasn't just a cat fight.) So absolutely horrified, he threw himself on his sword (I'm talking he really did THROW himself on his sword!) But even at this Antony was not successful. He was in terrible pain, but not yet dead. Then he recived word that Cleopatra was alive and wanted to talk to him. (why couldn't he have been told that before his suicide attempt?) He was dragged to Cleopatra's tomb, where Octivian had locked her. Ropes were strapped around him and he was pulled up the wall into the window by Cleopatra and her servents. (Girl power!) He died in her arms. Thinking she had nothing to live for, she had a poisionous asp snuck into her room under a basket of figs. It bit her (Ouch!) and her servents. Talk about going out with a BANG!

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